Monday, May 01, 2006

Missing Persons (Updated)

edited august 31st
Okay, not the band, but the classmates who are still MIA are as follows:

    Dawn Allen
    Bret Baker
    Todd Berry
    Mike Brosius
    Cderic Brown
    Penny Brundage
    Allsion Whitaker Bullard
    Theresa Curran
    John Demarco
    Misty Ackles Dumas
    Tom Goebel
    Radhika Green
    Nancy Hartman
    Tyler Hesterhagen
    Amy Howard
    Anthony Johnson
    Darlene Johnson
    Kristin Klee
    Michael Leufgen
    Tamika Madden
    Mark Marchino
    Pat Mcclellan
    Sherri Miles
    Rick Moore
    Jennifer Morrow
    Debbie Nester
    Leah Penn
    Michelle Fultz Pickett
    Tina Duncan Raffin
    Suzanne Sullivan Richards
    Paul Robinson
    Amy Roti
    Darrly Rucker
    Frank Stiles
    Anita Graffitti Tepool
    Rosa Valdez

We need e-mail addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses of these people...and as you can see, it's a pretty sizeable list. How 'bout a little help here?

You can e-mail them to us privately. Thanks!

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